VMTX Vibromax

We have recently changed the format of our education process. These changes are as a result of our students feed back. We have recognized that the majority of the practitioners have a hard time to take 3 days off to attend a seminar. Having a great self explanatory book and eBook/DVD for our VMTX course and in order to relieve the practitioners from spending 20 hours in classroom we divided the VMTX provider certificate program into three steps.

Step one is to purchase the eBook/DVD and study the material on own time.

If the practitioner finds the material satisfying and would like to get certified, one can continue with Step 2.

Step 2 is to take the online test of the knowledge of VMTX, which based on the information’s included in the book and eBook. You would receive 12 CE hours by passing this test:

Click here to take the VMTX Continuing Education Examination

Step 3 is for those that have passed the test and now want to fine-tune the art of application of VMTX. This includes an 8-hour hands-on workshop (8 CE), which would go over all of the protocols and case presentations. By completing step 3 successfully the practitioner receive VMTX Provider Certificate for the body part that was completed.

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