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Dr. Kazemi has many years of experience with soft tissue therapy and tool assisted soft tissue therapy. Traveling and treating athletes and patients with various soft tissue tools, he found that carrying several tools was cumbersome and heavy. As such he decided to design a tool that was light and could be used for all part of body. In addition, he found when the edges of tool were slightly sharper than the traditional tools, the therapy was more efficient. Hence:

KAZEMIZER SHARK is an innovative instrument used for soft tissue therapy. It is made of surgical stainless steel to provide feed back from the tissue for detection of the adhesion and scar tissue site due to its stiffness and ability to conduct vibration caused by adhesions, fibrosis and scared tissue. As such it can be used as a diagnostic and locator for the site of adhesions and scar tissues as well as therapy.

KAZEMIZER SHARK is light and slightly longer than a regular pen; therefore, easy to handle without fatiguing the practitioner. It is easy to clean, store and even carry in your side pocket.

KAZEMIZER SHARK is made as one instrument for all body parts. The edges are all bibeveled so that it could be used in any directions and sides.

KAZEMIZER SHARK is used to break down scar tissues, adhesions, to treat trigger points and to enhance blood flow and lymphatic drainage of the injured areas.

Kazemizer Shark Parts



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